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What my clients have said!

Fantastic class, always relaxed, fun and I have felt the difference physically- been able to stay very mobile throughout my pregnancy (started Hilary's anti natal Pilates class at about 18 weeks, now at 40 weeks!). Really impressed with how Hilary always makes sure the exercises are specifically suited to me, with quite a mix of different stages of pregnancy in the class, and her knowledge on how pregnancy affects the body. And it’s been a great way to meet other mums-to-be!

Mhairi, Harpenden.


"Finding Hilary's antenatal Pilates class half way through my pregnancy was a godsend.  By that time, I had started to get bigger and was having trouble sleeping, with the result that I was feeling stiff and grouchy.  Hilary helped me relax and maintain my mobility.  Now nine months' pregnant, I still feel very active and even managed to move house at the last minute.  I give Hilary full credit for helping me achieve this!"

Amy, Harpenden.


Being new to the area when pregnant I was keen to find a local antenatal specific exercise class where I could hopefully also meet other expectant mums. Hilary's Saturday morning Pilates class was recommended to me by my midwife and it turned out to be just what I was looking for; I found the class a great form of gentle weekly exercise but also a quiet and relaxing hour to spend doing something for myself (away from a very active 18month old)and learning breathing and exercise techniques that undoubtedly helped me cope with labour and getting back in shape afterwards. I also met some lovely mums to share tips and socialise with after the class! I would highly recommend.

Sara, Harpenden.


I've attended both standard and ante natal Pilates classes run by Hilary. Her approach is always very welcoming and supportive, and I have always found the sessions both enjoyable and hugely beneficial.  Many thanks!

Fiona, Harpenden



I am really looking forward to seeing you again for the September term! I cannot believe how much my back has seized up over the summer break! It just reinforces how much benefit I get from your class so I would not think of stopping!!

Kerri, Harpenden


I have genuinely felt Hilary’s classes have been invaluable in preparing me for labour and beyond. You wouldn't do a marathon without any training and I think your antenatal classes are the perfect preparation for the marathon that is childbirth and early days! In my overdue days, the techniques have brought me relief from the discomfort and I dread to think how bad I would be if I had not built up some muscle strength in Hilary’s classes. Her fun and sociable attitude make the classes enjoyable and friendly too so I know I will keep in touch with everyone - it's been great to have the extra support network amongst class mates so we can compare symptoms and stories. Thanks again for running such a superb class. Amanda , Harpenden


I have been going to Hilary's pilates class since I was 16 weeks pregnant. The classes quickly became the highlight of my week. Hilary was very welcoming and nothing phased her, she was a huge support in managing my SPD and carpal tunnel. The classes were specifically designed for pregnancy with routines that catered for all stages so I was able to keep going until 39 weeks and only stopped as the baby arrived very promptly! I would definitely recommend Hilary's class.

Camilla, Harpenden


That was (without doubt) the best matwork class I have been to. I loved everything about it, Hilary is such a fantastic instructor, she is clear, concise, warm, friendly, confident and very approachable. The class flowed and wasn't dis-jointed like a few (others) I've been to recently. I also loved the studio, the ambiance and 'feeling' of the place is warm, clean and very professional.

Sharon, Harpenden


I managed to have exactly the birth I was hoping for - very calm and relaxed (well, as relaxed as giving birth can be!) We were incredibly lucky and I feel really blessed that it all went so well. I'm sure the weeks of pilates, combined with other relaxation techniques and exercise throughout the pregnancy, really played a big part in it all - thank you so much, I loved the classes and really enjoyed coming each week.

Kirsty, Harpenden


Thank you so much for all the advice and support over my pregnancy, I absolutely loved the class. I'll see you again when number 2 is on the way!

Charlotte, Harpenden


I joined Hilary`s class in Welwyn sometime ago and can honestly say since doing pilates it has helped me considerably, having a bad back and shoulder after surgery. Nothing is too much trouble for Hilary and if you have any problems she will always address them and help you through the exercises. I feel so much better and look forward to my Tuesdays and Fridays!

Teresa, Welwyn


A big thank you for bringing pilates into my life. Being part of a class of ladies of a certain age is such a good idea and you are so patient with us. Your encouragement and support is greatly appreciated and explanations of the movements is very helpful. I come away from the pilates class feeling stronger, healthier and relaxed.

Kay, Welwyn


Hilary is a great teacher who has managed to get the group to become much more supple and even has got our bodies back into shape from years of neglect with patience and humour.

Carole, Welwyn


Hilary Tucker has been my Pilates teacher, twice a week for over a year. During that time she has helped me recover from major surgery in my shoulder so that I have now regained full movement. Her teaching is easy to understand and follow and her professional ballet training certainly ensures that she is totally understanding of all muscle and body movements. Classes are always fun and enjoyable and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who has the good fortune to have her as their teacher.

Stephanie, Welwyn


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